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Tommee Tippee Mini Baby Food Blender.

Whizz up fabulous fresh food for your little one with this handy compact mini baby food blender. Perfect for small portions, it?s easy to blend fruit, vegetables, meat and fish for a variety of healthy and nutritious meals. With two speed settings and a pulse action, you can control the consistency of food as you encourage your little one to try new tastes and textures. Key Features: Blend home-made baby food in minutes ? perfect for small portions. Suitable for fruit, vegetables, meat and fish. Blend smooth purees and chunky textures with two speed settings and pulse action. Bowl has measurement guides perfect for small portions. Non-slip feet keep blender in place. Compact for easy storage.

UK Price: £24.99    

KITCHENAID 5KFP1335BER Food Processor - Empire Red, Red.

Top features: - Adjustable slicing size for exacting recipe requirements- Big bowl for big jobs- Slip-resistant base and comfortable handle for safetyAdjustable slicing sizeTurn your kitchen into an easier place to work with the KitchenAid 5KFP1335BER Food Processor. This practical kitchen appliance has an adjustable disc that lets you determine slicing size without having to remove the blade assembly. Prepare your onions, carrots, peppers and mushrooms effortlessly for delicious results. Large bowlMix, puree, and whip to your heart's delight. The processors's large 3.1 litre bowl means you can prepare large meals for the whole family or dinner party guests, prepare dough for day's worth of bread, and much more. An extra mini-bowl is great for smaller quanities such as dips. A wide-mouth feed tube means you can easily and safely fill the bowls, while the lid with silicone seal keeps things clean and fresh. Slip resistant baseDesigned to sit on your worktop, this KitchenAidfood processor has non-slip feet for a sturdy base, as well as a safety lock to prevent any mishaps. A three year guarantee adds further reassurance.

UK Price: £219.00    

KitchenAid 1.7Litre Black Food Processor.

Chop, puree, knead, mix, shred and slice with simplicity with the KitchenAid 1.7 litre matt black food processor, everything from cucumbers to tomatoes, cheeses and more, knead pizza and bread doughs. Easy set up, usage and cleanability, all with a reduced footprint. 3 easy-press speed paddle options (high, low and pulse), multi-use accessories, such as multi-purpose and dough blades, reversible medium slicing/shredding and thick slicing only discs. Sealed lid, leak-resistant bowl with sealed handle and interlock, rounded edges and smooth finishes.

UK Price: £119.99    

Kenwood Multipro Compact+ Food Processor.

Kenwood's 5-IN 1 Metal Multipro Compact offers a small but powerful solution for all your kitchen needs. The 800w motor, 2 speed + pulse speed settings in-combination with 11 attachments give you the ability to easily weigh, slice, grate, blend, knead, chop, whisk, mill and more. Moreover, with a small footprint, clean finish, smooth edges and premium metal design, the Multipro Compact is easily an attractive kitchen essential. Integrated WEIGHING. Weigh ingredients directly into the FP bowl or blender. 2 x 2GO Bottles. Ideal for blending individual homemade smoothies or milkshakes for on the move. 800 watts. 2 speeds and pulse function. 1.2L main bowl liquid working capacity. Functions: Slices, grates, whisks, ice crushing function, kneads dough. Safety interlock system. General information:

UK Price: £159.99    

Kenwood FP195A Multipro Food Processor.

Explore plenty of new recipes or speed up your current favourites with this cleverly designed food processor and blender from Kenwood. Featuring a 1.5L bowl, a 600w motor and 4 attachments this versatile food processor offers a simple solution for chopping, emulsifying, slicing and grating tasks. In addition, this pack features a 1L blender, ideal for blending together fresh ingredients to create smoothies, milkshakes, sauces or soups. Both bowl and blender are dishwasher safe, helping to minimise washing up. Finally, its silver finish means you have a premium and durable appliance which is guarenteed to lookgreat in your kitchen. 600 watts. 2 speeds and pulse function. 0.8L main bowl liquid working capacity. 1L blender capacity. Functions: Slices, grates, . Safety interlock system.

UK Price: £89.99    

Kenwood Multipro Home Food Processor.

Say hello to homemade with Multipro Home, the ideal kitchen assistant. Finished in a sleek white and grey, Multipro Home will be a stylish and practical addition to your kitchen. Featuring a large 3L bowl, a 1.5L blender and 6 attachments, Multipro Home can quickly take care of food processing tasks, so that you have more time. Chop, whisk, slice, grate and knead through large quantities of ingredients, ideal for feeding the family, hosting or filling up with freezer with batch cooked meals! To save precious worktop space, both the bowl and blender are run off of the 1000w motor from the same base. We call this a 'Dual Drive System' and it's clever technology patented by Kenwood. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, both bowl and blender are dishwasher safe, helping to minimise that pesky washing up. 1000 watts. 2 speeds and pulse function. 1.5L main bowl liquid working capacity. 1.5L blender capacity. Functions: Slices, grates, whisks, ice crushing function, kneads dough. Safety interlock system.

UK Price: £109.99    

KitchenAid Metal Food Grinder Attachment.

The robust KitchenAid 5KSMMGA Metal Food Grinder allows you to mince, grind or grate - there?s nothing this hard-working grinder can?t deal with to create wholesome, delicious, fresh meals. Features a durable metal food grinder design, grinding plates for fine, medium and coarse, and boasts two sausage stuffer tubes. 2-year manufacturer?s guarantee. Includes fine, medium and coarse grinding plates, two sausage stuffer tubes, sausage stuffer plate, food push, large food tray, and cleaning brush. Stand mixer not included.

UK Price: £134.99    

Tefal Double Force Pro Food Processor.

The Tefal Double Force Pro DO821840 Multifunction Food Processor has two different motor outputs dedicated to each bowl and PowelixLife titanium coating blades for long-lasting usage and better resistance. Powerful 1000W motor and high-capacity processing (3L bowl, 2L jug), 6 speed options (2 speeds + pulse x 2 motor outputs) and 8 accessories with a unique and easy lid-locking system.

UK Price: £149.99    

KitchenAid Mini Black Food Processor.

KitchenAid 5KFC3516BOB Mini Onyx Black Food Processor is the perfect size for everyday use in the kitchen, great for quickly chopping ingredients, preparing dressings or sauces, and so much more. Features simple one-touch operation with two speeds and pulse operation for precise control, 830ml BPA-free work bowl with pour spout and handle, stainless steel blade and drizzle basin to trickle in the right amount of liquids whilst processing. Dishwasher safe accessories. 2-year manufacturer?s guarantee. Includes lid.

UK Price: £69.99    

Kenwood FP120A Compact Food Processor.

Explore new recipes or speed up your current favourites with this single speed mini food processor from Kenwood. Featuring a 1.5L bowl, a stainless-steel knife blade and grating and slicing, this mini food processor offers a simple solution for chopping, emulsifying, slicing and grating tasks. This food processor puts safety first and includes a safety interlock on the lid. This ensures the motor doesn't start until it is firmly in place. It also includes a dishwasher safe bowl to help minimise washing up! Overall, a great buy when you need a simple food processor to tackle all those small, everyday food preparation jobs. 400 watts. 1 speed and pulse function. 0.8L main bowl liquid working capacity. Functions: Slices, grates, . Safety interlock system. General information:

UK Price: £44.99    

Tefal DoubleForce Compact Food Processor.

Why choose between a food processor and a blender? With the Tefal DO542140 DoubleForce Compact Food Processor, you get the best of both worlds in one multifunction appliance. Features a compact space-saving design, pulse option, a choice of stainless-steel chopping blade and two interchangeable discs, a storage box inside the chopping bowl for easy storage, 2 motor outputs: an orange one for speed and a purple one for spinning force and a two-speed dial that will provide the optimal combination for your selected function: low speed/high spinning force for the chopping bowl, and high speed/low spinning force for the blender.

UK Price: £79.99    

Breville VBL241 Blend Food Processor.

Perfect for all those quick food prep jobs, this Breville VBL241 Blend Active Compact Food Processor is an easy way to add tasty, healthy ingredients into your busy lifestyle. Blitz veg for a soup base or make deliciously fresh sauces, dips, smoothies and shakes in seconds, at the touch of a button.

UK Price: £39.99    

Tommee Tippee Quick Cook Baby Food Maker.

When you want to give your baby the best, the Tommee Tippee baby food maker helps you to serve up healthy home-cooked meals with less mess and less stress. Steam and blend fruit, vegetables, meat and fish to give your little one a real taste of the world as they start weaning. Start with simple purees then move onto chunkier textures as their tastes develop, using the steam or blend functions or a mixture of both. With a handy steamer basket for faster steaming and a 200g max capacity jug, you can feed your little one with perfectly sized portions from first weaning to healthy appetites.

UK Price: £109.99    

Kenwood Multipro Comp+ Food Processor.

Kenwood's Multipro Compact + brings the addition of integrated weighing and two 2GO bottles to the premium compact food processor. The built-in weighing scales are unique to Kenwood and offer added precision when cooking and baking. You can weigh straight into the bowl saving time and washing up, or use as a standalone set of scales with the weighing tray attachment.

UK Price: £159.96    

Kenwood Prospero 6-in-1 Stand Food Mixer.

A great choice for big bakes and recipes, the Kenwood Prospero 6-in-1 Stand Food Mixer packs a punch. With 1000 watts of power, the Kenwood Prospero 6-in-1 Stand Food Mixer allows you to power through tough dough and heavy mixtures making your cooking and baking more efficient. Plus, it's variable speed control allows you to mix and the exact pace you want. In a compact, softened design, this mixer fits in beautifully to the kitchen and a big 4.3L bowl capacity, you can make up to 36 cupcakes in a single load!

UK Price: £269.99    

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