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IGLOOHOME Smart Keybox 3.

Secure key storage Safely store house keys and access cards in the Igloo Home Smart Keybox 3. It's an ideal solution if you have guests staying at a property or need to give the dog walker access to your home. Igloohome app Generate access PIN codes and keep track of who's opened the Keybox 3 from your Igloohome app. PIN codes can easily be sent via SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and other messaging platforms. Smart security features After several incorrect pin attempts the keypad locks out. It even has an auto re-lock feature, giving you peace of mind if you can't remember if you've secured the lock. Decoy codes can also be used to throw off onlookers before you enter the actual passcode.

UK Price: £179.99    

IGLOOHOME Mortice 2 121-IGM3 Smart Door Lock - Black, Black.

Keyless access to your home Accidental lockouts and lost keys will be a thing of the past with the igloohome Mortice 2 121-IGM3 Smart Door Lock. You can choose between entering a PIN code or using a smartphone to unlock your door. It also re-locks itself when the door is closed, giving you peace of mind. Perfect for holiday rentals Stay in control of who you let inside your home by giving time-sensitive PIN codes or Bluetooth keys to guests. You can even sync your Airbnb listing calendar with your igloohome account, so PIN codes can be automatically generated for guests. Smart security features If anyone tries to pry the lock from the door, the tamper alarm will be set off. It even unlocks itself automatically when it detects a temperature of 50-70 °C inside your house - protecting you and your family from potential fires.

UK Price: £339.00    

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